The Challenge: For this project, the challenge was to design a 3D title where each letter depicts a fight between two elements, the rough rocks/bone which represent the Orcs versus the pristine ice element (humans), as the title drifts the letters erodes away to depict the result of their endless war.

The Process: The letters were provided to me as a vector file, which I used to create the 3D base mesh, then I had to UV every single letter to ensure that each letter has maximum details for the normal and displacement maps, after prepping the UVs, the canvas was ready to sculpt the custom textures using Cinema 4D's sculpting tool.

The Result: A low poly-count 3D title that retains high-resolution maps, which made it easier to add particles effect to the letters and to composite/animate. The frames below highlight parts of my process to achieve this look.

Creative Director: Kelly Carlton
My role: Design, Sculpting Compositing, and Animation.
Made at Trailer Park.
Warcraft teaser main title design for Comic-Con 2015.
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